This month, I was thinking of superheroes. For years, I loved watching Marvel and DC heroes save the world with their sublime strength, skill and talent. For me though, my favorite heroes were decidedly…human. None were bestowed with supernatural abilities; rather, all were normal guys who transformed themselves with work, grit and tenacity. Here are Read More →

Technology: Crazy— Until Not.

Vadim Sherbakov

This month, I was thinking about progress. And how quickly it happens from technology. There are so many things that I can do today that seemed so surreal as a child. So I wanted to explore a few experiences with technology that felt crazy….until not. (1) I can check the score of any sports game Read More →


Image Credit: Vic DiCiccio

This month, I was thinking about how things catch on — like a wildfire blazing in the forest. In a matter of days or weeks, something can spread so fast and so forcefully, it becomes a cultural phenomenon. It’s stunning to see this process unfold, but what amazes me: sometimes the catalyst comes from sharp Read More →