It Takes Two…

Image Credit: Laura Bohn

This month, I was thinking about dance. It’s been a part of my life for over a decade—from a wiry, spectacled kid goofing around at homecoming to a slightly-less wiry guy performing on two college teams. So overall, I felt good about my dance background…until I took a tango class. Wow…what a difficult and rewarding Read More →

No Hassle Networking with Weave.

(C) Chiara Pinna

Want a job?  Networking! That’s the name of the game! Those were the words constantly repeated in my business classes. I remember sitting there, grinning to myself, and thinking: Is this all it takes?  Maybe this job hunting thing would be easier than I thought. So I set to work. I combed through LinkedIn, crafted a Read More →

An Abundant World.

(C) Rémi Walle

This month, I was thinking about two mindsets: scarcity vs. abundance. Reading about each side has given me fresh perspective on reframing my life—a personal journey of mine in the past year. So what’s the difference? A scarcity mindset comes from a place that the world is limited and barren. There is not enough to go around—and Read More →

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